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Tell us what time works for you and we'll reach out to confirm your appointment, and to clarify the details of the project within the next hour.
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Tell us what time works for you and we'll reach out to confirm your appointment, and to clarify the details of the project within the next hour.
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When should I replace my roof?

90% of Texas roofs are replaced when they are 17-22 years old. (Even if they were sold as "30-year roofs."

How much does a new roof cost?

A variety of factors need to be considered... Roof size, pitch and materials are the three main factors that determine cost. Insurance covers more roof damage than most people believe. It actually blows our minds how willing insurance companies are to properly distribute claim funds for all kinds of projects. (One of our founders formerly owned an insurance brokerage, so we know how to maximize this in your favor without overcomplicating the process.) TIP: Keep an eye out. If your neighbors are getting new rooves, that's a good hint that your damage could be covered, or that it's time to examine your home to ensure the safety and sustainability of your existing roof structure.

How many bids should I get?

Get 3 bids. But make sure one of them is ours.

When can you start?

Sometimes we can start right away, depending on the time of year! However, demand is high for most good roofing companies, and a lead time of 4-12 weeks may need to be anticipated depending on your needs. Be weary of companies that don't have a sense of urgency.

  • (The last thing you want are roofers dilly-dallying or taking siestas on your rooftop while you wait. It happens, we've seen it.) 🤪
In a flood situation, like Hurricane Harvey, DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL if you you've been impacted. It's unfortunate, but honestly, it should be one of the first things on your clean-up list. And don't worry, insurance will cover EVERYTHING if you have a decent policy.

How long will it take to get a new roof?

This will depend on the size, pitch and complexity of your roof. Small to medium size houses usually take 1-3 days. Larger projects can take up to a week, or even more. But we bust it like SEALS during Hell Week, so not to worry! 😎 Completing your roof-job with the highest quality craftsmanship, while being totally transparent during our process, is our top priority.

What if my home currently has a leak?

We always try to move leaky roofs up on in the queue so they can be completed as soon as possible. It often makes sense for our repair team to implement a short-term fix until our roof replacement crew can kick off the project appropriately. Let's talk asap!

What is your process for free estimates?

We provide free, detailed estimates and provide you with an electronically copy on-the-spot. The entire estimation process takes about 30 min - 1 hour, depending on your roof. We like to have an initial 5 minute phone call to briefly scope out the project ambitions before our arrival. *Our estimators at times can come to your home on the same day or within the next couple days, but don't hesitate to call if your remotely interested, because during peak-season we can become booked out 7-14 days for providing new estimates.


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